Today in the city Waterloo 24.10.2017
What Happens When You Lock 400 Crypto Nerds In A Room For The Weekend

In this post, Kyle will provide an overview of the Eth Waterloo global hackathon that took place this past weekend.

Trump’s erratic trade policies are already undermining a key driver of economic prosperity

Many of the economists and investors who feared Donald Trump's harsh trade promises during the presidential campaign have taken umbrage at some of the administration's lack of follow-through...

Democrats keep waiting for the GOP to destroy itself. This is a huge mistake.

Many Democrats watched last year's GOP presidential primaries with a combination of abject horror and secret, lurid satisfaction. The Republican Party, Democrats thought, might finally be hoisted on t...

America's best under-the-radar athlete talks about making it in a 'man's sport,' equal pay, and why she tries to get 10 hours' sleep every night

Off the bike, she's friendly and funny. On the bike, she's ferociously competitive, which is how she got her nickname: Katie F---ing Compton. If you're into cyclocross, the fast-growing discipline of...

Construction Begins on $3.1M Airport Project in Waterloo

An Iowa airport has begun construction on a $3.1 million project to rebuild a taxiway, repair the main runway and install new lights.

Inside the Impossible Dream of a Six-Year-Old Footballer

Six-year-old Lewis Towns is in training with Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton and cannot yet tie his shoelaces. He was born in October, making him old for both his school year...

Iowa Man Charged in Child's Death Faces New Charges

A Waterloo man charged with killing a toddler now faces two counts of violating a no-contact order after authorities say he phoned and sent letters to the child's mother from jail.

This Cannondale SuperX is everything an American champion's bike should be

WATERLOO, Wisconsin — Custom-painted bikes have become de rigueur in the sport of professional cycling, as riders and their sponsors look to make the most of their victories and attract prospect...

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